Legal Services

Legal Services

Our long-term experience at a prestigious international law firm helped us to gain thorough expertise in the most complicated M&A transactions, which we can offer to our clients for very competitive fees.

The Czech Republic offers outstanding opportunities to build partnerships in dynamic, high-potential industrial, financial and information technology sectors. Quick Merger advisors have extensive experience in the Czech Republic and abroad, and the knowledge to assist their clients in the full range of transactions involving privatization, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring of corporate entities. Our team is prepared to guide you from initial exploration of the possibilities for investment to the full realization of profitable, advantageously structured operations in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Central Europe.

Legal Services

1) Pre-Merger Advisory

Is it worth it and is it feasible? That is the most fundamental question which needs to be answered while assessing the advantages or necessity of a merger in the Czech Republic. Apart from the factual and economic reasons/factors, legal and tax factors must be always taken into the count. We always try to simplify and streamline the process so the client receives the best result as soon as possible.


rutland & partners attorneys can assist in:


  • Assessment of merger feasibility
  • Choosing the most advantageous merger for the client
  • Cooperation with the tax team regarding maximization of tax advantages

2) Due Diligence

rutland & partners attorneys can research, evaluate and provide information in case of a merger with a company outside of the client´s holding group:


  • Share ownership
  • Real estate ownership, including its encumbrances
  • Potential partners in contractual relationships
  • Employee contracts
  • Outstanding liabilities of third parties for which you may become liable in the course of a merger

3) Merger Structuring

Thoroughly thought-out series of actions and time schedule is the key to success of any merger. rutland & partners lawyers always try to envisage all possible scenarios and are able to assist you with:


  • Advice on a merger timeline
  • Draft of the merger step-list

4) Realization

In the course of an M&A transaction in the Czech Republic, many issues must be addressed and covered by legal and financial documentation. Our team of Czech experienced lawyers, tax advisors and accounting experts can advise you on specifics of Czech merger law and corporate practice, and draft of the following documentation (depending on the type of merger):


  • Determination of the decisive date
  • Execution of financial statements of the respective companies
  • Arranging for the valuations of the companies or their property, including obtaining of court’s resolution on appointment of the expert
  • Drafting of any and all corporate consents and documentation required by Czech merger law
  • Drafting of the merger project (essential document describing the main aspects of the merger)
  • Cooperation with a notary public with respect to corporate decisions to be executed in the form of a notarial deed
  • Publication of all required information and documents in the Czech Commercial Register and in the Commercial Bulletin
  • Registration of the merger in the Czech Commercial Register
  • Preparation of the opening balance sheet of the new companies

5) Post-Merger Actions

Once the merger is successfully completed, there are still few loose ends that need to be tied up, such as an announcement of the completed merger to state authorities (Czech Cadastre of Real Estate, Czech Tax Authority, etc.).


As an additional service through our affiliate firm Quick Companies, we are able to provide clients a ready-made company, followed by obtaining a business license, concluding Czech employment contracts, obtaining Czech immigration visas and drafting commercial contracts in the course of ongoing business.

6) Corporate Services

rutland & partners attorneys can provide in addition to the merger advice on any corporate matters that companies require in the Czech Republic. Our services range from the simplest, most routine work (creating and registering a corporation, the usual corporate agenda) to advising on the most difficult and complex projects that have international ramifications and significant tax implications—always ensuring timely performance and cost effectiveness.


We are able to:

  • We are able to assist you with re-call and nomination of directors
  • Organize and conduct meetings of shareholders and other corporate bodies, and keep appropriate records of resolutions and other actions taken
  • We can help  you with registration of the yearly balance sheet with the Czech Commercial Register
  • Increase or decrease of registered capital
  • Stay compliant with relevant national laws across multiple jurisdictions
  • Assist with tax & accounting matters